TOODAY which stands for “Tie One On Day” it’s a new holiday!


I am too late to participate this year. But it is one of my goals for next year. Give a homemade loaf of bread wrapped in an apron on the day before Thanksgiving. I found out about this new holiday when I was looking for a Crisscross Apron pattern on http://www.nancysnotion.com.

It sounds like a nice thing to do. So I am starting this month to make aprons for friends and family. The CrissCross apron pattern is reversible. I think I will use a Thanksgiving print on one side and Christmas themed print on the other.

🧐 My first 2018 New Years Intention!!

I don’t do New Years Resolutions. Resolutions rarely get done. But hopefully my intention will come to fruition.


Holand American Cruise Line.  The ship  huge to me but I have been told Princess Cruise Line ships are much bigger.

Most of the elevators are being used to transport luggage.  So I had to climb up 3 flights of  stairs.  My Physical Therapist would be so happy.   

Mad crush to get lunch. It was hard to find  a seat.  I am sure my BS was dropping.  I wanted to cry.  


It seems to me that I have intentions to do loads of things. But the actual doing hardly ever happens. Years ago when my children where little, I made lists. List making worked well. I think I must begin it again. Although, I don’t have the incentive. I must come up with a reward system that works for me.


I am trying to knit Father and Son look-a-like hats.  My son wants a “slightly” slouchy hat. Found a pattern for my grand son.  Slightly is not what I would call the end result of his hat.  I am debating if I should cut the top off and pick up the stitches.  Or just start over. 

Whenever I mess up it puts me into a knitting funkl.  I don’t want to knit for awhile.  I got to get over that.  

Still sick.

My husband and I are still sick. I hate coughs. I would rather have the flu and up chuck all night than get a cough. A cough lasts for weeks. We have been sick for more than two weeks now. I am just now beginning to feel better but I still have the blasted cough. The DH (dear hubby), is still pretty sick. He can’t get to sleep because of the cough.

Needless to say my organization plans have been put on hold. Christmas was pretty minimal. I managed to cook dinner but that is about it. Hopefully next year will be much better.

Me 2011

This coming year I am getting organized.

I have been retire for several years. I have really been wasting my time. When I was working full time. I use to dream about the things I would do when I had the time. It would be great, when I could do what I wanted free from the constrains of a job.

Now I find I am just floating. Never really getting anything done. The house is a wreck. They yard is terrible. My hobbies are languishing. Exercising? I finally have the time and I am just wasting it.

So 2011 is my year to get organized. I have found this great book called “Organize Now” by Jennifer Berry.


I have been reading Sue Monk Kidd’s book “Dance of the Dissident Daughter. In it she chronicles her journey from the conventional values of a Christian wife, mother, writer, and woman in a male dominated society to the full awakening of herself as a woman. Completely herself. Defined as herself. Without the filters and restraints of a patriarchal society. She writes about her dreams and experiences of synchronicity along the way. As I was reading last night I thought how nice for her. That never happens to me.

Then…. last night I had a dream. A very vivid dream.

In it I was sailing above the ocean. I was hunting a dolphin. I knew I was suppose to kill it. But I did not want to. I leaned down and brushed the surface of the water. In secret I was trying to call the dolphin. Then I saw the dolphin near the shore. The water was filled with trash and the dolphin was struggling. About to give up. I jumped in and cradled the dolphin in my arms like a baby. It was so very small. I waded along the shore calling for people to help me. No one would. Then I knew I had to do it by myself. Summoning all my strength I managed to get us both out of the water and I took it to clean water.

What do I think about this dream?
My Journey Begins.